New kits on the block

It's called Minerva and is a very sophisticated add-on for the Roland Juno 60. Planned feature list:

  • MIDI control for all the sliders, switches and the keyboard back and force
  • Memory upgrade to 80 programs
  • Pitch bend and Arpeggio Clock under MIDI control
  • Assignable extra LFO and an extra mono ADSR for the filter
  • Mono mode, Unision mode
  • MIDI Program Change, SysEx dump for the programs
  • Internal retrofit, no drilling installation,

Available from March for 129 EUR.


Unknown said...

This sounds absolutely fantastic.

I've got a Juno-60 with D-Tronics MIDI. See http://www.engineersatwork.nl/dtronics/pages/mdcb60_midi_kit_for_juno60.html

Will Minerva also work with my Juno, or does it require an unmodified Juno with DCB output? Or can I just cut the D-Tronics modification out and install Minerva in place? (the D-Tronics did not require drilling as you can see).

Unknown said...

Wow I've been waiting so long for this. I think minerva will be the best option for juno midi kit.

Please et me know when this one is available and also please keep the price low :)

Jason said...

very excited about this.

Unknown said...

Could it be possible to add a toggle switch to choose between Minerva or DCB. That would be cool!!

Covariance said...

Rob: Installation of Minerva is similar to D-Tronics, knows all and a lot more...

Erik: Planned to be the best value per features retrofit ever.

Paquito: Theoretically possible to toggle with a switch, however MIDI is far superior than DCB in every aspect.

JFD said...

Hi my Minerva Juno 60 upgrade never worked and didn't hear back from emails from Midipolis so I'm pretty stuck with a midi kit that doesn't work