What is Io?
Io is a moon of planet Jupiter. Also abbrevation of 'Input-Output'.
Io for Roland Jupiter 4 is a MIDI retrofit that gives more control over the synthesizer.
Can I use Jupiter 4 with Io as a master keyboard?
Yes. The new version Io has added note sending feature.
Can I have more memory than the factory original 8 places?
Yes. The Io CPU upgrade has its own memory for storing patches. There are currently 64 memory places.
You can even remove the original battery from the JP4 to prevent acid leakage.
Can I use the Io CPU upgrade as a replacement for the original JP4 processor or memory?
Yes. In case of a dead processor or faulty memory this is the way for resurrection.
Only MIDI In and Out? Where is Thru?
MIDI Out also serves as Thru. It is called soft Thru.